Clan Rules

You have a way to unite friends and like-minded people into a special community – a clan.

Creating a clan

The fee for the first month is paid by the clan leader when applying for clan registration. In case of non-payment of the monthly fee, all clan privileges will be removed from its members, and the name of the clan will become available for registration by other users.

The cost of creating a clan is 1000 gold coins
The cost of renewal is 500 gold coins per month

Clan name requirements

1. Names combining letters of two alphabets (Russian and English) at the same time are prohibited. The clan name can include up to 16 alphanumeric and/or numeric characters.

2. Obscene clan names are prohibited, as well as names promoting the use of narcotic drugs, Nazism, racism, politics and other violations of the current rules of the MASKA online game

3. The clan name must be unique within the game. 

4. It is prohibited to use the names of states, geographical objects, trademarks.

5. The clan association in the game and its name must comply with the general rules of the game and gaming legislation in general.

In other cases not covered in the above rules of clan registration, the Administration has the right to act at its discretion.